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One more long-awaited update for our users! We are taking the first huge step towards socialization of VentLyfe and spam protection - we are launching a new free comment system via social networking accounts that is now activated, and a spam filter.

How do comments look on a website?

It's pretty simple - log in with your social account, post a comment and it will be marked with the icon of the selected social network and your avatar.

Subscription. Sharing. Anonymity.

After you log in via any social network, you will see the comment settings.

Anti-spam System

Now each user can mark comments  as spam, and moderators/admins can view spam reports, mark posts as not spam, and delete/deactivate them. These features are now available globally among VentLyfe.

Views: 1134 | Author: ✗Beanie | Category: General Site News |
Date: 09.10.2014

Rating: 4.8/12

This update addresses a quite widespread problem that causes considerable inconvenience to administrators and moderators. As you can see in the title, the update includes new anti-spam tools, as well as the tools to prevent spam. You will also find some information on effectiveness of anti-spam measures in general. Unfortunately, as a rule any protection measures have only a temporary effect, and spammers quickly adjust to the new conditions, use various workarounds and new tactics. All this resembles an actual war - an informational war where one side (site and e-mail owners) has to hold the defense, and the other side (spammers) looks for loopholes and attempts to attack unprotected websites. It's too early to talk about complete destroying of the enemy, but I would like to tell about individual episodes that help us approach our common victory.

Anti-spam Filter For Comments

As you can see there are tons of spam posts in comments. If we didn't filter them, in a month we would have 25 million of unnecessary posts on our site, and in a year the number would approach 300 million. The spam filtering system works according to a fairly simple p... Read more »

Views: 900 | Author: ✗Beanie | Category: General Site News |
Date: 22.07.2014

Rating: 0.0/0

Today we would like to present the first, beta version of our Android app "My Sites".

Download the app from Google Play

A Bit Of Ideology

The Internet gets more and more mobile, and as a result we strive to make our website as convenient for mobile users as possible. Our new design is ... Read more »

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Date: 07.07.2014

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Today we are ready to announce the release of the possibility to create subforums.

How Does It Work?

It's simple. Subforums are forums that just have a deeper nesting level. 

Views: 307 | Author: ✗Beanie | Category: General Site News |
Date: 07.05.2014

Rating: 4.4/9

VentLyfe is glad to present an absolutely new Visual Entry Editor, the so-called WYSIWYG editor. This update will be particularly useful to members who are familiar with basic html. 

Views: 671 | Author: ✗Beanie | Category: General Site News |
Date: 04.03.2014

Rating: 5.0/6

Social Bar is a handy tool that allows visitors to share & bookmark pages on VenLyfe quickly and easily.

  • The bar can be minimized/maximized in one click!

It doesn't take much space - collapsed or expanded.

  • Social Bar has a search field!

If necessary, you can search VentLyfe for a specific page right from the social bar. (Note: If you're searching for a video, you have to straight to the Video Hub and search from there because videos are not included in site search.)

  • Add pages to bookmarks and read pages in a convenient format!

With the help of the service READABILITY, visitors will be able to add website pages to bookmarks and get back to them later, turns VentLyfe into clean reading view, send pages to e-readers and send them to print.

Views: 668 | Author: ✗Beanie | Category: General Site News |
Date: 09.01.2014