Chappelle's Show ~ Season 1 - Episode 5

Chappelle's Show ~ Season 1 - Episode 5 00:18:34
1 0 XO-Ferg 0.0 08 October 2013

Rocka Pads Tampon commercial featuring Damon Dash (head of Roc-A-Fella Records) .... basically poking fun of how hip hop has extended its scope from music to a number of mainstream industries such as vodka, clothing and of course, tampons Redman Potty Fresh A commercial for toilet cleaner featuring Redman from The Def Squad. Another play on the hip hop phenomenon. Great Moments in Hook-up History Martin Johnson(Chappelle) is desperate for some ass because he has been on and 8 week losing streak with the ladies. Ashly Evans comes along and he sees his chance since she's drunk as hell. Ask a Black Dude with Paul Mooney Paul Mooney answers a few questions from various street personalities. Inside Chappelle's Show Studio A guy interviews Dave Chappelle on his own show talking about movies Dave has been in. They show clips of each movie they talk about. Musical Performance: Fat Joe performs "Crush Tonight" with Tony Sunshine.

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Year: 2003
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