Shane Mosley: "Mayweather is the Best in this Era"

Shane Mosley: "Mayweather is the Best in this Era" 00:03:08
1 0 XO-Ferg 0.0 25 October 2013 - "Sugar" Shane Mosley chopped it up with VladTV following his victory over Canelo Alvarez, and gave his insights on where Alvarez went wrong with that fight. According to Shane, Canelo's, mistakes began with his training camp, as he personally advised him and his trainers about specific things he needed to work on in order to defeat Floyd Mayweather, however Canelo neglected to address those issues.Shane also spoke about where Floyd ranks among the "greatest fighters of all-time," and expressed that he believes it's hard to claim the title of "all-time" and instead thinks of fighters as being the best of their era. When it comes to Floyd Mayweather, Shane feels as though he is the best of this era. He concluded by speaking on his own fight with Floyd years ago.

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Year: 2013
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