Love & Hip Hop ~ Season 2 - Episode 2 "Bitch, I'm Fuego"

Love & Hip Hop ~ Season 2 - Episode 2 "Bitch, I'm Fuego"
3 2 XO-Ferg 0.0 24 February 2013

Emily's emancipation party played like an MMA cage . In the aftermath, everyone tries to make sense of it. But battle lines are beginning to emerge. Yandy gives Chrissy a self-help book aimed at troublesome mother-in-laws. The book instantly creates more problems than it solves. Somaya has a big showcase coming up but she's not getting much support her manager Maurice who books ballerinas instead of B-Boys for back-up dancers. When she finally does make it to the stage, the dancers are perfect ... her wardrobe, not so much

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