Life of Kylie Season 1 - Episode 6 "London"

301 0 Beanie 3.3 04 September 2017

After an emotional visit with a young fan, Jordyn is forced to come to terms with the recent death of her father; Kylie is inspired and prompted to strengthen her bond with Caitlyn.

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Total Comments: 2
Anarchy Fairy • 8.22 AM, 30 October 2018
OMG Kylie is such a selfish entitled  self-centered bitch  & this show emphasizes that “quality” about her.  Everything always has to be about her like when she took that kid to the prom the main thing she was excited about or most concerned with was that SHE had never been to prom before not that she wanted to make the kid feel good about himself and  genuinely give a date &  this episode with her riding the bike when the instructor told Kylie that she was a natural she gloated  so fucking hard. She ate that shit up an replied with a snarky ass comment saying shes good at this was supposed to be Jordan’s moment an Kylie’s going to steal the show an rub it in Jordan’s face that the instructor told Kylie shes a natural at riding a motorcycle. She’s SUCH a fake ass self centered bitch, it’s unreal!!  Oh and don’t even get me started in the beginning episodes when she said she wanted  to go see a therapist because it would be fun so she can check it off her bucket list ......BITCH you said what?! Hello Little Miss entitled  rich white bitch you might not understand this because you’ve had everything handed to you in life and You’ve  never had to deal with true stress or real life problems but   Us lowly peasants actually go to therapist not because it’s fun or we want to check it off our bucket list no it’s because we have actual fucking problems.  
This  is the fucking USA hierarchy for you ladies and gentlemen the all American sweetheart reality tv makeup mogul  that you all love to watch, buy from, support an crazily that you fucking follow so closely you can smell the shit in they’re ass
Ken_nea • 0.25 AM, 05 September 2017
Year: 2017
Language: English
Video runtime: 00:21:04