Black Ink Crew ~ Season 1 - Episode 10 "Krazy With A K"

Black Ink Crew ~ Season 1 - Episode 10 "Krazy With A K" 00:40:56
6 6 XO-Ferg 4.0 26 March 2013

When the Black Ink Crew decides to host a charity art show for local kids, Puma and Dutchess bump heads while planning the event. Ceaser sides with Dutchess, leaving the guys in the shop to question his loyalty and business sense. In the wake of their dinner date, Alex confronts Ted about their romantic future and is devastated by his reaction. Sassy decides to sit down with Alex to try and get the real story behind her relationships with the men of the shop and leaves even more frustrated than she was before. Ceaser questions Dutchess's dual-roles as girlfriend and employee and wonders if both relationships can survive.

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Year: 2013
Language: English
Video runtime: 00:40:56