Black Ink Crew ~ Season 1 - Episode 11 "Judgment Day"

Black Ink Crew ~ Season 1 - Episode 11 "Judgment Day" 00:40:56
8 8 XO-Ferg 5.0 26 March 2013

Dutchess reveals a secret to Ceaser that she has kept to herself for weeks. O'Sh**t's bail bondsman comes to the shop to see S**t for some serious business...a tattoo cover up. Puma shocks Sassy with some big news about him and Quanni. Ted drops a bomb on Cease about a pregnant mixxxy. Walt and Alex's friendship grows when they meet up for dinner and Alex learns about Walt's sad past. A "celebrity" client comes in for a tattoo from Dutchess on a very interesting body part. Dutchess drives Ceaser to court for his child support hearing and a terrified Cease contemplates life behind bars.

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Year: 2013
Language: English
Video runtime: 00:40:56