Mariah Carey "Beautiful" feat. Miguel - New Song Preview

Mariah Carey "Beautiful" feat. Miguel - New Song Preview
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Mariah Carey releases a short -- very short -- teaser for her new single "Beautiful" featuring Miguel.Subscribe to the Fuse YouTube channel: Mariah Carey has released a preview of "Beautiful," her upcoming single featuring Miguel.The 26-second clip, which sounds like it's playing off a vinyl record, gives fans a very brief taste of the song.Um, I think the record is scratched... it keeps playing the same section over and over.And where are the vocals? All we got was Mariah laughing a couple times. She has one of the most amazing voices of all time... maybe fans would want to hear her actually, I don't know, SING!While the preview leaves a lot to be desired, we're still excited for this collabo. Miguel has been riding high lately: he won a Grammy, performed on SNL, and Kelly Clarkson called him "the sexiest damn thing I've ever seen." Which is a pretty accurate description.Meanwhile things have not been going so well for Mariah. Her song "Almost Home" from the "Oz the Great and Powerful" soundtrack pretty much fizzled out, and this week rumors have been swirling that she's being replaced by Jennifer Lopez for the rest of this season of "American Idol." Teaming up with Miguel could be just what Mimi needs to put her career back on track."Beautiful" will be released worldwide on May 6 - fingers crossed the full song features some actual singing.Are Mariah and Miguel a match made in heaven? And what do you think Mariah was laughing at? Let us know in the comments below.Watch the full "Beautiful" teaser here And for more from Fuse, follow us here tooTwitter:!/fusetvFacebook:

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